my mom and i cleaned the baby’s room this weekend.

or, well…she cleaned, and scrubbed, and re-arranged, bless her heart. i mostly held a rag in one hand and waved it in the direction i thought things ought to go. one of the secret advantages of having spent all those weeks on bedrest is that nobody expects me to do much in the way of work these days. admittedly, i do get winded folding laundry, so their lowered expectations aren’t entirely unrealistic. but i still feel terribly pampered, like i’m getting away with something.

the problem with me supervising Cinderella Mom’s kind Easter gift of organization, though, was that i had no clue what half the things in the baby’s room were actually for. finding a place for baffling pastel cloths is not the simple task it might appear to be, particularly when they appear to have magically materialized in the nursery-to-be without instructions.

while i was away in the hospital for two months, kind friends and family (particularly my generous and enthusiastic ma-in-law…this baby has some keen grandmothers) came bearing gifts. many gifts. lovely gifts, but mysterious gifts. little blankies, and littler blankie-looking things, and plastic-covered blankie-shaped things that might be mattress pads…and a lot of other soft items, but not one of them with a training manual.

i like to think of myself as an intelligent person…i play a mean game of trivia, and am in an ongoing quest to actually figure out the internal evil workings of the CRA (Revenue Canada by any other name). but i find myself addled by infant products. i’ve managed to get my cloth diapers (which i am able, miraculously, to distinguish from the other square cotton blanket-ish things populating the nursery) all prewashed and softened, but the kitten hasn’t stayed still long enough to actually let me practice putting one on someone. and i seem to have six different baby butt creams sitting on the changing table Dave’s parents lovingly handcrafted – but no clue as to how to distinguish between them. i live in secret fear that i will get this baby home, bring him downstairs to display to visitors, and discover that i’ve got him swaddled in a changing pad and wearing diaper rash lotion in lieu of lipbalm.

i suspect, though, that i can’t be entirely alone in this discovery of ineptitudes i didn’t know i possessed. and i suspect the changing pad will be the least of my worries, given a couple of weeks. so…this Wednesday night, April 19th, 7 pm EST (8 pm Atlantic, my time), the crib will host its first live webcast, using Skype.

topic – things you wish you’d known before your baby came home with you. identifying products, choosing good ones, but also what newborns actually need and do, what supports new parents actually find helpful, how you felt in the early days after the birth…stuff like that.

how to listen – under the “webcast” heading on the top right of the page, you’ll find two links. the top one, “text chat room,” will take you directly to the chat, which will be open all during the webcast. questions, comments, and any problems with the live audio feed can be addressed in the chat. the audio itself can be accessed by clicking the lower link, “listen live,” which will take you to the audio stream – instructions for listening to the webcast will be there.

all welcome.