It’s been a wild couple of days, most of which were spent in the hospital with Bonnie and Oscar, and I’m sitting here, at 11:11pm wondering what exactly I’m supposed to be doing with myself. Strange for a dad to come home and leave his family in the hospital… makes me wonder if I shouldn’t be doing my own crib chronicles…

She’s doing great. One more proof of just how fantastic a person she really is; like i needed any… He’s doing well. Still a few steps to go before we can take him home, he was born at 36 weeks, and not ‘fully cooked’. But I’ll send out the link to a couple of photos tonight, and let bonnie post her own blog post in a couple of days when she gets out of the hospital.

To Oscar Charles Stewart Cormier. Welcome.

To bon. no words suit. and, as much as this might surprise, we’ve never needed them to explain what things mean to us, nor do we now.

For myself. I’m a very, very lucky man.