Oscar is coming home. tonight. :)

being sprung from chez hospital has come as a bit of a surprise, since no noises about homecoming had even been made at all until last evening. the boy, however, has been coming along like a house afire, eating with gusto (he has discovered his inner Cormier, i believe) and leaving his birth weight in the dust as of yesterday. so early this afternoon i tracked his doctor down, and when she agreed that he’d be good to go by tomorrow, i figured why not ask for more?

“how about today?” says me. “why not?” says she. “but you know, once you take him home, there’s no return policy. final sale.”

i think, for all the sleepness nights and messy diapers and pacing the floor ahead of us, i can live with that.

happy Midwifery Day, world (one learns about such interesting holidays when one has time to read the hospital bulletin boards)

happy homecoming, little Oscar. we’ve been waiting for you. :)