home again, home again, riggity jig…i can never remember the end of that nursery rhyme.

but we are home, and happy, if not a lot more informed than we were when Oscar went into the hospital a week ago. i’m still off dairy, and citrus, and – sniff! – chocolate, and he’s still sporadically miserable, but we’re working it through. he had a miserable eighteen hours or so through Sunday night and yesterday, but this morning, he seems like his cheerful, alert little self again. my fingers – and most of my nerves – are crossed.

he came home on Saturday, just in time for Father’s Day. Dave didn’t get his Dairy Queen cake, but Oscar considerately got him some tasty Father’s Day chicken wings instead. and he almost got breakfast in bed, except that by the time the coffee and the fruit shake were ready, the baby was howling for a feeding, so the huevos rancheros went on hold until later in the day. they were eventually scarfed down around 2 pm while Dave jiggled the stroller in one hand and tried to keep from dripping salsa on the cat. much flexibility is required in this parenthood thing.

we also finally got around to making the switch to cloth diapers over the weekend, once Oscar got home from the hospital. despite his long-running diarrhea, the boy has been gaining and growing like a foie gras goose, and the newborn Huggies that seemed so enormous when we came home with him the first time were now looking rather wee…and rather pricy, since we’d finally run out of donations from the hospital and from O’s grandmas. so, we leapt into the brave old world of wet diapers that actually feel wet, and little wrap covers that rustle like snowpants when he moves.

they add kind of a retro baby-bumpy-butt look to his little outfits…and they do leak a bit around the legs, but they’re not quite as intimidating as i’d begun to think they might be. while i was pregnant, before Oscar was actually an individual making waste of his own, i’d intended to use cloth right from day one, or at least from the day we brought him home from the hospital. it makes economic and environmental sense, and – the real bonus – the idea made me feel virtuously earth-motherish. after all, i’d be home all day – wouldn’t i have piles of time on my hands to spend on laundry?

insert loud guffaw at my naive and foolish self.

as it turned out, he came early, and by the time we brought him home we’d already gotten used to the tidy little preemie Pampers he’d worn in the hospital for that first two weeks. plus he was still way too small for the stash of cloth we’d bought, and heck, we’d been given four packages of newborn-size disposables by our own wise mothers, “just in case they might come in handy.” very handy indeed. five more weeks of handy, especially with all that diarrhea. and there was plenty of laundry without diapers…more, in fact, than all that “time on my hands” could manage. i was starting to look at my diaper genie as a beloved companion.

and that’s how i knew it was time to make the change, if we were ever going to do it. rumour has it the cloth’ll do wonders for the low-grade diaper rash that’s built up through weeks of diarrhea. and i can stop feeling quite so horribly guilty about the landfill contributions our household is making.

but we’re not necessarily going to retire the diaper genie just yet. the diarrhea might come back.