babies don’t seem to like hot weather.

at least not thirty-degree-plus hot weather, with the kind of humidity that makes fruitflies propagate with reckless abandon in my kitchen, and plasters my hair to my head in soft, wet strings. poor O spent most of the past week stripped down to diapers and onesies, and still he was sweaty – sweatier than i’d really imagined babies could get. apparently, he takes after his pa.

he was fussy in the heat, and obviously uncomfortable, and we spent a lot of time cooling him down in the tub. Oscar loves the tub. or doesn’t hate it, at least. until recently, it was hard to tell the difference between indifference and pleasure on his part – if a thing or activity didn’t cause him to pout or scream, we assumed he adored it. he wasn’t really smiling, except with gas, so we were left to attribute his happier emotions haphazardly.

but in the last couple of weeks, the smiles have been coming on. a little late, by the development charts, but he was an early arrival…and now that he is smiling, he’s making up for lost time. throughout the humid weekend, whenever he was cool enough, he beamed. he beamed at me, at his dad, at the cat, at his tub toys. a few times, when he was busy smiling and cooing and i was busy beetling around the room near him, i caught him staring off into space, beaming at the wall. then he seemed to realize that there was nothing there to smile back, and that he was hot, and he broke out in a wail. but as soon as my face reappeared in front of his, there was the smile again.

he has this giant, toothless grin that lights up his whole face, and mine. it makes me feel like the sun in the sky, and even makes the humidity tolerable.

this was worth waiting for. :)