Oscar moved into his big crib tonight. my big boy. sniff.

the mini co-sleeper that he came home from the hospital to, and which has migrated from our bedside to his own bright green room over the past month, has been retired. we spent the weekend in Halifax, and since travelling means it’ll take a night or two for O to readjust to his usual routine anyway, we figured he might as well make the leap to the big crib at the same time. i don’t really know what kind of milestone the move to the crib is, or how to categorize it – congratulations, you’re officially a full-grown baby now?

whatever he is, he’s sleeping soundly, curled up with his bunny in the seemingly vast expanse of his full size sleeping quarters.

and i guess it’s fitting. we realized this weekend, seeing him next to his new cousin Angus, that Oscar’s well past the newborn stage. not only does he dwarf Angus in size, but the two of them are almost different species in terms of interaction. Oscar can laugh now. Oscar can coo, and sit up in a borrowed bumbo seat. and Angus’ older brother Isaac, the two-year-old who benevolently allowed Oscar to use his bumbo seat (briefly), was so much fun to play with and talk to and read with that i realized how much i’m looking forward to Oscar’s continued development: to watching him discover the world, and himself.

bring it on, big baby boy. sleep soundly, and congrats on your graduation.