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Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

bitter and the sweet

my boy hugged me this morning. it wasn’t the first time…somewhere during the past week he’s begun throwing his arms around my neck whenever i scoop him up. but, as that has usually been just a front for some energetic hair-pulling on his part, i haven’t taken it too much to heart. until today. O […]

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Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

happy birthday, daddyO…

morningpeepshow Originally uploaded by oscarcormier. or daddy of O, rather. it’s Dave’s birthday. and when he gets home from work tonight, Oscar will greet him with a squeal of happiness that comes from his little soul. every single night, Oscar gets thrilled to pieces by his daddy. it’s a good way to approach your loved […]

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Monday, November 20th, 2006

Crib Cast #4 – feed the world

Crib Cast #4 Saturday, Nov. 18th, 2006 four moms tell their stories of breastfeeding, bottlefeeding, tubefeeding, and a variety of transitions, struggles, and happy moments in between. no lactation consultants were harmed in the taping of this episode. :) Download mp3

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Friday, November 17th, 2006

the politics of ‘breast is best’

so…i’ll shut up about New York soon, i promise. but i will mention, before i close the subject of The Very Exciting Trip, that taking a breast pump around the Big Apple wasn’t nearly as fun as one might imagine. we’ve come a long way in the past generation, regarding feeding options for babies. in […]

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Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

babes in toyland

this is a picture of Oscar’s mother in NYC. it is a picture, more specifically, of Oscar’s mother at the Rockefeller Center, in front of the building her grandparents worked in during WWII. there is no Oscar in this picture. for just a couple of days, that was really nice. Oscar’s mother wore clothes with […]

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Thursday, November 9th, 2006

all my bags are packed…

but i am not so much ready to go. tomorrow morning, at about a quarter to crocus (also known as an hour too ungodly to be named in polite company) i shall be creeping out of the house and heading to the airport, en route for New York City. New York City. to a small-town […]

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Sunday, November 5th, 2006

bunny love

at Oscar’s six month checkup on Friday, they asked me whether he knows his name. i think i blushed. and foolishly, wishfully called out “Osssscaaaar!” in my sweetest singsong-y tone…which he flatly ignored. shite. all the “good mother” brownie points i’d been hoarding for myself like stars on a kindergarten chart went flying out the […]

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Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

the lion sleeps tonight

lioninpunkins Originally uploaded by oscarcormier. i think Hallowe’en is my favourite holiday. now that the curtain is dropping down on October, all the stores can start the mad sparkly dash towards decorating for Christmas, or the holiday season, or whatever we’re calling it in polite company this year so as to avoid excluding or offending […]

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