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or daddy of O, rather.

it’s Dave’s birthday. and when he gets home from work tonight, Oscar will greet him with a squeal of happiness that comes from his little soul. every single night, Oscar gets thrilled to pieces by his daddy.

it’s a good way to approach your loved ones, really.

for my part, i’m mostly relieved when Dave comes in the door at the end of the day. he’s the pinch hitter, the extra pair of hands, the balance that tries to keep me from tipping with the weight of those eighteen small pounds. his appearance doesn’t engender squeals of delight from me.

he deserves them. i just don’t want to look silly.

i’ve learned a lot watching Dave become a father. i’ve learned how beautiful a man who cradles a howling baby with tenderness and humour at three in the morning can appear. i’ve learned that a man who trails beer caps and socks and wrappers around the house like Hansel & Gretel left breadcrumbs can still faithfully replace the baby’s Zantac in the medicine cabinet, and his little sleepers in their drawer. i’ve learned that he will jump up and warm a bottle if i call, no matter what he’s doing, no excuses. i’ve learned that grief and disappointment will not destroy him. i’ve learned that i missed a lot, not growing up with my father. i’ve learned that he’s still learning from his, all the time.

you’re a good dad, Dave.

you’re also a good partner. and i’ve learned that parenthood is an easier journey with a friend along.

thanks for being you. thanks for making me less lonely, even after all these years. thank you for our children…and for being there, for all of us. happy birthday, daddyO.

there’s a Dairy Queen cake in the freezer. :)
all i have, and love.