Dave, in his noble and ever-uphill quest to help me truly become part of the 21st century, has tagged me with the “Five Things You Don’t Know About Me” meme.

the very fact that i know what a meme is is some proof that his efforts have not entirely failed. :) i like reading these little blogosphere snail trails, mostly because i like to trace the meme back, linking and linking, looking for a logic of connection between these people who choose each other. this one’s kinda obvious, of course. Dave and i are intertwined in Oscar…not just linked on blogrolls. but still. if you didn’t know that, and you read both our posts, i wonder if you’d ever suspect?

so…five things. god.

first – there exists an alternate universe where David Bowie is my Celebrity Boyfriend and is dying to marry me someday, simply because i have been patiently waiting for him for more than twenty years. yes, it is true. this despite the fact that i am generally impatient in the usual arrangement of space/time, that i am quite deeply happy with the other Dave (who i think believes himself to be the “real” Dave) and that i have epistemological misgivings about ever getting married again. this despite the fact that i don’t actually find David Bowie sexy, per se. and yet…and yet…he is my oldest habit, in so many ways. and one must be faithful to something, yes? so i continue to believe, in some small part of myself. :)

second – i know all the words to the Anne of Green Gables musical. i don’t just mean the songs…i mean ALL the words. and sometimes i still sing the songs in the shower. oh, legacies of a misspent youth in a province where teenage summer jobs all involve prostituting oneself to the wearing of pigtails.

third – i bleach my moustache. (to those who know me in real life, this may not be so much of a surprise as i think it is. heh. we shall never speak of this again.)

fourth – i once played rugby. or actually, in point of fact, i played in three official (and a number of pickup) rugby games, during two seasons as a member of the Mount Allison University womens’ rugby league. yep, three games, two whole seasons. can we say “not a natural”? i also drank with the team for another entire season. i was far better at the drinking than at the playing…as the coach eventually concluded when i finally, miraculously caught the ball during a game but immediately turned around and ran the wrong way. in my defense, i was not confused, just bent on self-preservation. a Very Large Opponent (a giantess, i shit you not, she was, like, six-foot-nine, built like a Volkswagen, had fangs) was trying to tackle me. she ran me down despite my cowardly attempt to flee and gave me a most impressive talon-like scar on my thigh with her illegal metal cleats, which i now prize as my one (ever) sports injury…but thus ended my active rugby career. i think i lack the team sport gene.

fifth – i was voted “Most Artistic” when i graduated from high school. high on such acclaim, i promptly and completely stopped creating any kind of visual art (why fall from glory?) but still have a secret artist buried deep inside somewhere. the trip to MoMA in New York last month made me all moist and wide-eyed and breathy, and inspired me enough that i have actually glopped some paint on a little DIY mirror thingy for O for Christmas. Warhol, eat your heart out. :)

so there. i stand before you naked. more or less.

and now i get to call out others. hmmm. locally, i’d love to know what Cynthia is keeping under her bike shorts. and way up there in Upper Canada, Dinah needs to get posting and feed my habit. in the mommy blog world…i’m tagging Christy, Beth, and deadbabymama, all of whom have a way with words and feelings and funny/bad/sad/secret stuff that always make for very fine reading.

chop chop, little sea monkeys…trust me, it beats wrapping presents.