happy 2007, world.

i love fresh starts and newness…the infinite promise of things yet to unfold. every year at New Year’s i get all a-twitter at the prospect of a whole new year lying ahead, unsullied by the mistakes and regrets and doubts and sorrows – and even joys – that will inevitably put their stamp on it. and despite the fact that i no more subscribe to the old Enlightenment doctrine of human progress than i do to yogic flying, at the beginning of every January i indulge in a little modernist fantasy.  maybe this year, there will be fewer mistakes…not just my own, but the world’s.  maybe this year, we crazy humans can make the place a little better.  maybe this year, we’ll get it together…and next January we’ll ring in the new from a planet just a little bit kinder/cleaner/cooler/happier than we found it on this New Year’s Day. :)

no, i’m not high…or strung out from all the leftover Christmas chocolates (well, a little).  just hopeful.  i want O to believe that maybe he can contribute something to the world, and so, in some small part of me, i cling to the notion and possibility of progress, to represent to myself the beauty and betterment he’s brought into my world just by being.  he’s like New Year’s Day everyday…and sometimes i notice.

may the year bring all of you some joy.