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Oscar wanted to help me wish a very happy birthday to my favourite Celebrity Boyfriend (and thus O’s, um…well…favourite rock star). the photo at left shows that Oscar obviously isn’t quite ready to take over the blog world just yet, as he hasn’t fully separated typing from biting…but perhaps he thought the laptop was a delicious cake for Mr. Bowie. the Thin White Duke and all his other personas turn sixty today.
when your idols become senior citizens, does that make you old?

funny. when i first started my faithful if one-sided relationship with The Other David, he was just a little older than i am now…and i was twelve. and while fabulous and ethereally cool, he also seemed ancient. now…i’m not sure if he’s just a fresh mind or i’m secretly the world’s oldest almost-thirty-five year old, but hell, that twenty-five year age spread now seems but a season, a mere moment. perhaps because the man is still one step ahead of pop culture. or me. :)

i doff my hat (errr, should that be “bat my eyelashes”?) in his direction. happy birthday, David Bowie. and i’m, um…still out here, whenever you’re ready…not terribly busy…free tonight, in fact…

oh well. can’t hurt to try.

ahem. bat bat.

(ps – this little obsession of mine is gently endorsed by the Dave i actually live with. do you think this is because a) he’s a tolerant soul who loves my free spirit, or b) because a woman with a fantasy life is HOTT, even if she lusts after semi-androgynous elders, or c) because he’s hoping Bowie will finally get his act together and come for me one of these days? hmmm.)