so yesterday i turned thirty-five.

just in case you were wondering, that means that the age of this Aquarius has now likely exceeded that of anyone in the original cast of Hair, back when “Age of Aquarius” was hip.

i am getting old. i am halfway to my Biblical allotment of threescore and ten. i am no more hip, alas, than hippies. and worst of all, i now have to change the little box i click when i fill out online surveys! (what? you don’t have hobbies? :) )

but, despite the number, it was a good birthday. an amazingly good birthday. my mom took the day off work and came over in the morning bearing cupcakes for breakfast. i spent the afternoon with Oscar and nine other little ones at a mummy-coffee extravaganza…the loudest birthday party i’ve ever had in my life, let me assure you…and when i got home i found that Dave had taken the afternoon off and snuck home to make dinner and his first ever cake. (apparently, no one bought that boy an easy-bake oven in childhood). friends & family called and sent emails. i felt loved.

my best present, any year.

the end of the mummy-coffee party…these three were howling and glaring, and so were most of the rest…it was a festive zoo.

my beautiful cake, replete with thirty-five (err, thirty-four) strawberries and some drink umbrellas, for good measure.

but next year, i think i’ll turn twenty-nine again. start planning the festivities. :)