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…and he ain’t looking cheery.

i hate taxes. they make me sweat. they make me feel inept, and vulnerable, and sneaky, all in one…tax time for me is like a once-yearly revisitation by that power-mad seventh grade teacher who used to hiss at me and banish me to the hall for offences i could never quite identify. tax time makes me feel like i’m constantly forgetting something important, and am too hopelessly stupid to ever figure out what other people clearly know.

i learned to do my own taxes long ago, out of sheer spite. but i don’t like it.

so i decided to let Oscar try them this year instead. as you can see from his reaction, either his father and i are financial idiots about to lose the farm, or we’re on the road to kicking Revenue Canada’s ass.

i’m hoping for the latter. do you really think the word “count” in accountant means anything? does the fact that he can’t (count, that is – c’mon, he’s not even one, people!) bode poorly?