Oscar got a package in the mail yesterday…a belated birthday box all the way from Korea.

Miffy has come to our house! Miffy for mommy Oscar!

oh, the rabbity goodness.

in the box: a Miffy doctor set (with a patient chart in Korean, no less…tres chic). Miffy growth chart. Miffy teezle (way cool, kinda confusing). Miffy wallpaper border. Miffy markers. Miffy puzzles.

mommy Oscar is over the moon.

daddy is a little hesitant about the Miffy wallpaper…because i want to put it in OUR room.

okay, mommy has a little Miffy problem fetish. and Auntie Sarah is enabling me…mwah ha ha. :)

so, how long do you think i can get away with pretending this stuff belongs to O? and how long do you think it’ll be before the neighbourhood kids start, erm, suggesting that perhaps Miffy the rabbit is not the coolest accoutrement for my little boy?

damn gender police.

i should really get a Miffy sign to protest with…