so, that stomach bug? the one that dogged us for a week and made me tired and sad?

it’s left town.

but somebody else moved in to fill the void, just in case i was lonesome for my friendly neighbourhood pharmacist.

Oscar has pinkeye.

yeh, i’m waiting for the punchline too.

we’ve put our departure for Dave’s family reunion on hold for a night – we were supposed to leave today – and are busily squirting all our eyes with antibacterial polysporin. nothing says vacation like antibacterial polysporin, folks. that and the fact that i’m going in to work tomorrow morning to try to catch up on what i missed today.

but while O was home from the sitter’s with mommy, we had a very educational time.


he discovered letters, even with one eye half shut and runny.

and chanted magical incantations over them.

and pondered them, and their pointy edges.

and was proud. me too. :)

i figure even if this run of nasty poxplague continues, at least, hell…he’s reading! erm…well…noticing letters. whatever…details. my poor sick-ridden baboo can become a nice old-fashioned invalid, with a rug on his lap and his nose in a book.

to heck with the reunion…a sit-on-my-ass-with-a-book vacation?  i lust.  and i do secretly hope – for all i’d like him to be well-rounded in ways i ain’t – that O someday understands some of that love of letters and words.  then he can have red eyes all the time, if he likes.