so, not tomorrow, but the next day, we launch the nifty and innovative and multi-tentacled Head of Medusa project into which i have channelled all the insanity mayhem anal retentiveness diligence of my organized yet befuddled little brain over the past three+ months.

okay, maybe not all.  but lots.

this launch – all four carefully scripted hours of it – will involve fifty-two grade seven students, four teachers, a celebrity-edublogger guest presenter, a celebrity-webcast-pioneer guest webcaster, some local media, the University President, archival and technological experts, a documentary filmmaker, and possibly a Minister of a federal department-that-must-remain-nameless until they get off their honourable fences and decide whether or not to grace us with their, erm, presences.

never mind that we still haven’t gotten word from Ottawa yet about whether we can fire off the press release…and the event is only 36 hours away.  i’m not nervous.

nope.  and not because of my mad skillz, or my overweening confidence.  no sir.  i’m not nervous because immediately after that four hour tightrope walk that will determine how these kids feel about this project for the rest of the six looming months they’re stuck with us actively and productively engaged in our learning fun, we up and hit the ground running for a teachers’ conference we’re running the very. next. day.

’cause we’re wild and crazy people.

wanna come?   think of it as BlogHer for the education profession, right here in humble PEI.  it shall rock.  especially if i remember to order lunch for everybody.  :)

of course, i will be at work by 8 am on Saturday morning.

withhold your jealousy.  just send drinks naps…and wish us luck.

…next week we return to your regularly scheduled parenthood.