the conferences were a success, thank you muchly. we wrapped the last session by 1 pm this afternoon, hugged the world’s nicest webcast pioneer (and his lovely wife) goodbye, and made it downtown, O & i, for the start of the annual Run for the Cure, the Canadian run against breast cancer.

this is the third year that my mom and her friend Henry and i have walked the course together. Oscar’s been with us every time…the very first year, i was only a little pregnant with him. last year, he slept almost the whole way. this year, he was good company, fascinated, smiling and waving, toddling about beforehand trying to give all the dogs there a drink from his sippy cup.




with Henry


i was happy that we finished up all the work stuff in time to go…i wanted to walk for Whymommy, as part of her team. and for my grandmother, my dad’s mother, who died in 1988. and like i said last year, for Oscar. in hopes that he will never walk alone in this run, this tradition of ours, in the throng of white and pink tshirts wearing a sign – like so many today that made my eyes blur, suddenly, with tears – that says “for my mom.”

O & doll