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time for a little standing up around here.

the League of Maternal Justice is standing up to the baffling “take your boobs back to the strip clubs where i can ogle them and stop offending me by breastfeeding in public already” discourse of idiocy so prevalent of late, and i want to stand with them. they’re having a Breastfest: livestreaming/linking posts/gathering photos of babies eating.  from their mamas.  oooh.  our virgin eyes!!!  how, erm, totally natural. 

of course, since O stopped nursing months ago and is now long in bed, if i were to actually webcast breastfeeding from my house in solidarity, my little fest would end up more on the side of the spectrum that Bill Maher apparently actually wants to see. i’m not so into indulging that fucker, thank ye, so all i got is the little old photo above, with Oscar four weeks old and me a little glassy-eyed. this photo, alas, has no boobies in it. not one. blame my photographer – i think he was afraid of me. :) but i didn’t want to let the day pass without also saying my little piece for the simple goodness of breastfeeding.

this entire controversy gives me whiplash – blew my naive little mind straight back from 2007 to 1964, with no warning. it’s not 1964, folks.  if you’re titillated by breastfeeding, that’s your issue.  if you’re offended, it’s probably the least of your issues. and in case you haven’t noticed, there’s a lot of REAL horrors out there to get one’s knickers in a knot about.

would that cheapshot comedians would use their mics to rant about the real scourges of society, rather than boobs. Mad and Jen and Hel and Susanne have put up what has to be their most gigantic roundtable yet of Just Posts this month….Mad, uber-librarian, even alphabetized them. i wish our Just Post crusaders had Maher’s audience, but they’re growing, you know? and they’re shaping this blogosphere of ours, and all our consciousnesses, bit by bit. now, when i flit about from post to post, i think about whether or not someone’s words have made me consider issues of fairness and equity and a better world, and if ithey have…i know who to tattle to.

we are marching towards justice, inch by inch.