dear David Bowie,

dude, your birthday again…many happy returns.

because this little torch i carry for you is a flame of true and undying fidelity, and because some small, secret part of me still believes that one of these days you’re actually going to show up on my doorstep and beg relentlessly for my charms (note: i go to bed earlier these days, so if you could kindly start the anticipated wooing production before eleven whenever you’re coming, that’d be great, thanks), i wanted to let you know that we did something really special here at my house for your birthday this year.

nope, i didn’t eat an entire cake for you this time…much as that was a very good year in our relationship, David, the old college-era stomach just ain’t what she used to be. sorry.

no, i didn’t sing you my own acoustic version of Ziggy Stardust on guitar. my neighbours threatened to call the authorities if they caught me ‘making a joyful noise’ ever again. apparently, when you do come to woo me, you should bring voice lessons.

nah, didn’t go to school in my best imitation of you from the Blue Jean video. dude, i was thirteen. and makeup’s never been my strong suit…looks better on you. let us never speak of this again, ‘kay?

actually i got the whole family in on the present for you this year, David. more of a ‘shower’ present than a usual birthday present, i suppose, but you’re an unusual guy. and i bet nobody else has honoured you in quite the same way, at least in recent decades, so really we’re all quite proud of ourselves here at Chez Crib.

Oscar tinkled in the potty tonight, in honour of that most special of holidays, David Bowie’s birthday.

it was a pretty random bit of business, methinks…but kismet and the generous heart of a child, they’re like that, surprising you with joy and firsts when you least expect them. :)

probably won’t happen again ’til next year. mama don’t care. mama just wants to offer up the gift.happy birthday, o celebrity boyfriend. in the nearly twenty-four years i’ve been faithfully stalking venerating you, i can’t say i’ve ever clapped more on your birthday.

and in other shower news, less tinkly but still celebratory, i’m totally heartened and excited by all the willing responses to my shout-out for potential co-cribcasters. i will call. if you said yes, then i will call. um, as soon as i set up a schedule and stuff. and get your numbers. and, uh, learn to webcast properly. yeh, that. topics for conversation? suggest at will.

but we’re going to start with a shower. i’ll bite the bullet by starting this up waaaay earlier than i’d ever planned, in honour of another special upcoming holiday. this Thursday marks the thirteen-month anniversary of the Just Posts, and Jen & Mad are being thrown a social justice “baby shower” of sorts, brainchild of their Maid of Honour, Andrea.i’m going to webcast the party. 9 pm EST, Thursday January 10th, you can listen live here…and join us in the chat room to talk about social justice and non-consumption and community and volunteerism and, erm, probably kids. there will be virtual wine, i promise.

you are so welcome. you too, Mr. Bowie. you know you want to.