there’s been a birthing, folks. a really amazing birthing of community spirit and volunteerism, in celebration of a year of Just Posts in the blogosphere.

i couldn’t quite figure out what to bring to the baby shower. i thunk and thunk ’til my thinker was sore, but everything i could make or do seemed a size too small for this here baby Huey, this call to local action in our offline lives. i got daunted. and yet, i wanted to contribute (though somehow avoid leaving my house)…so i decided, heck, we all have our gifts. one of mine, thanks to Dave and his crew of merry webcasters, is drinking hospitality, of a virtual sort. so i decided to throw this shower a real, live party!

welcome to the baby shower, the first cribcast in a long, long time, and the first ever to involve the blogging community on a grand scale. see? here’s a paper plate bedecked with ribbons for your head…now enjoy.

if you don’t know what on earth i’m babbling about with all this baby shower nonsense, click over to here to find out, live at 9 pm EST this evening. and if you’re already a fan of Mad & Jen, their marriage of true minds in the social justice sphere, and their Maid of Honour (and shower instigator) Andrea…then get on over and give them some love. pull up a chair and raise a glass, and join us in the chatroom as we celebrate our online community making a difference in our many real worlds.

but watch the punch…i think it’s spiked. :)

the party was a success, and it was amazing to actually talk to Mad, Andrea, & Jen, live and (almost) in the flesh.

it was like old time radio…a community experience.

we had a rollicking time, with the host only steamrolling over her guests a few times, and the conviviality in the chat room was most entertaining. Jen’s phone lost power before we managed to get her to sing, but – right at the beginning – i prove every claim i’ve ever made that i am, truly, tone-deaf.

thanks to all who showed.  and if you couldn’t make it, or didn’t know…just click above to listen in.

i think we’ll do it again – new people, new conversation – in a couple of weeks.