a little late, but our first snuggle, with somebody checking out the view.

Daddy’s got a few more pics on flickr if you click through…mama and baby are stuck in the hospital (where there is one sad little ancient non-SD-card processing public computer in the basement) for at least another day while Posey learns to feed without slurping somebody’s nipples off. she’s coming along beautifully…we would have made 37 weeks today.

i am so delighted in her, so glad she’s here. you will be subjected to further photo adventures galore upon our arrival home. :)

ps. the wishes have overwhelmed us. the part of me that imagines i’m Martha Stewart’s illegitimate progeny thinks i’ll work them artfully into her baby scrapbook somehow. i promise i’ll at least print them, make sure there’s a record of her wonderful, warm welcome to the world. thank you, all.