it’s snowing outside and our new furnace is roaring like a jet engine, making Posey and i most efficiently toasty if a wee bit deaf, and i am sitting here nursing her and staring at the tree lights and wondering absently whether the proximity to Christmas means my sudden urge to indulge in a large shot of Bailey’s at 3pm is merely sad or, in fact, festive.

i’ve developed an aesthetic crush on the early sixties, lately.  i blame all the Mad Men episodes i’ve been watching online while feeding the bebe.  she suckles, and i watch crisp suits and wasp-waisted housewives and worldly, shapely secretaries cheerfully destroy their livers, lungs and marriages whilst munching tuna casserole.  them, not me.  i don’t like tuna casserole.  i also don’t much like martinis or affairs or aprons, and my waist currently pudges out from my hips, rather than veering alarmingly inward.  i don’t wear kitten heels…hell, i seldom wear shoes.  so why am i enamoured of their Peter Pan collars and their Marlboros and wingtips and modernist furniture and their bold, splashy print ads and their utter lack of irony and social awareness?

i dunno. i get that lolling about gossiping with ice cubes clinking and cigarettes trailing in the heyday of hateful suburbia was probably dull and stifling and gosh, i have you guys for virtual lolling and you’re all swell but maybe it’s just not the same as having you over for pimento loaf. or maybe i’m just buying the myth of space age plastic and the quaint, whitebread innocence of that otherwise chauvinist, racist, elitist world where all seems so cut and dried and tidy and drinking alone at 3pm is, umm, normal.

sigh. can’t have the Bailey’s anyway…i’m off dairy.  milk seems to bother Posey more than a little booze.  but a girl can dream.

i am nearly through the second season of Mad Men.  i need a new fetish, my friends.  maybe old episodes of something less likely to drive me to drink?  i’ve missed a lot of reputedly good shows over the last decade or so…what would you recommend? what’s your tv poison? and why?