baby and toddler

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i had no idea how complicated it would be, these two, these little lives unfolding in my house yet solitudes unto themselves.

she turns to him, all baby squeak and anticipation, oozing delight; he turns away, all toddler moody i will go this far and then no further and then repentant. he turns back, suddenly empathic, his tallest self, most kind, solicitious, and brings her blocks and teethers only slightly pre-chewed and he sing songs baby baby baby this is a little song for you do you like it baby and sometimes she lavishes him with the praise of her laughter like bells but other times there are her toes to explore and he could be the wind, invisible.

i watch. some animal instinct tells me this is between them.

he sprays her with his froggie in the tub and laughs his belly laugh and she mimics with her little heh heh heh and then she beams at him like he hung the moon and i catch my breath, full of wonder.