cake? by o&poecormier
cake?, a photo by o&poecormier on Flickr.

last year, we made Oscar’s dragon cake together, the night before his birthday party, working late into the night over crumb coats and wine. it was fun. i had visions of doing it again this year.

but Posey started throwing up at 5 am the day before Oscar’s party. and that night, just as i set aside my term paper and Dave set aside his keynote address in order to cut into the bilious blue cake we’d baked that afternoon and try to fashion it into something adorably fierce for our dinosaur lover, a cry echoed down the stairs. distress. and more vomit.

there’s an unwritten rule that it’s bad form to mix vomit and birthday cakes, even if the birthday cakes are actually dyed rather garish and pukey shades. so he took the upstairs and i took the downstairs. he slept that night with a sick little two-year-old waking him hourly to stuff her Lovey Rabbit in his face.

i finished the cake, and about 2 am, the term paper, and slept on the couch.

and then we woke and started all over again.

when it works, it is mostly about work, this relationship stuff. but it is good, sometimes, to have someone to work with.