this is the blog of Bonnie Stewart, educator and writer and social media fortune teller, partner and mama and daughter and lover of jellybeans.

i write to leave a mark in the snow.

i enjoy post-structuralism and a good amaretto sour. i am recovering from a codependent relationship with my couch.

i have achieved the Nirvana of my people: after a fifteen year absence from my homeland of Prince Edward Island, tamest of landscapes, i have returned and victoriously put down personal and professional roots without having to work in the Anne of Green Gables industry. ;)

i live in a pointy-roofed white house green house my grandmother once lived in, with a Dave, a little Oscar, a littler Josephine, aka Posey, and Clementine the neglected cat. Dave & i live without Finn, our firstborn, a 26 week preemie who died in my arms eleven hours after his birth. my blog is where we exist as a family, narrated into some kind of coherent being.

i’ve lived on all three coasts of Canada, and in Asia and Eastern Europe. i started a Ph.D in media and communications, once, in Switzerland. i started another in September 2010, in Educational Studies, exploring the implications of social media practices and identities for higher education in the 21st century. i am a digital subject exploring digital subjectivities. Lacan’s mirror phase has nothin’ on me.

i have a fetish for spelling and trivia, and nothing particular against capital letters. my life’s goal is to be on Celebrity Jeopardy.

some small part of me is saving herself for David Bowie, who is coming one of these days, but is not hurrying.