Bonnie Stewart, at your service.

i write memoir, academic papers, and social commentary non-fiction. if you would like to rent me a small cabin in the woods, i could be flattered into a novel, i’m sure of it.

i can be yours, to speak about blogging, social media, digital identity, branding, 21st century education, grief, motherhood, or all of the above. also, jellybeans. i can hold the attention of even the bad-asses at the back of the class. try me.

i write what i like. i don’t do reviews, except of books. i have the privilege of a fascinating perch in the enormous network that is social media: through my longterm platform here and my emeritus involvement with Glow in the Woods, i know mommyblogging in and out, its flashy corners and its quieter, raw ones. but i am also a writer and a Ph.D student in education and social media, with a broad reach into education online.

i make stories come alive. occasionally, i make theory tremble.

email or find me on twitter as @bonstewart.

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