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Friday, March 7th, 2008

a thing with feathers

i spent the morning today home with Oscar, a rare treat for us, his sitter off travelling, we two in the morning sunshine wandering to the thrift store for a serious pants-hunt (one pair of elastic-waist chinos, size 2T, check!) and to the coffee shop for some mother-son lollygagging and discussion of world events and […]

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Thursday, March 6th, 2008

in which i consider the vagaries of hipster toddler fashion

of the many things keeping me awake at night these days, add one new item to the list. why, oh world, do little kid pants suddenly stop coming with elastic waistbands once they hit the size 2T? why, exactly, does a not-quite-two year old need to be wearing narrow, slim-hipped jeans that cling just like […]

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Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

mad love

i got to meet Mad this weekend. it’s an odd thing, to meet someone whose internal monologue you’ve been reading for a year, someone whose smarts and wit and unflinchingness won your respect a long ways back, someone whose life you know more about than you do most of your real-life friends. it is especially […]

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