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Sunday, September 30th, 2007

photo essay for the cure

the conferences were a success, thank you muchly. we wrapped the last session by 1 pm this afternoon, hugged the world’s nicest webcast pioneer (and his lovely wife) goodbye, and made it downtown, O & i, for the start of the annual Run for the Cure, the Canadian run against breast cancer. this is the […]

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Thursday, September 27th, 2007

wherein i nap. or impersonate a headless chicken.

so, not tomorrow, but the next day, we launch the nifty and innovative and multi-tentacled Head of Medusa project into which i have channelled all the insanity mayhem anal retentiveness diligence of my organized yet befuddled little brain over the past three+ months. okay, maybe not all.  but lots. this launch – all four carefully […]

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Monday, September 24th, 2007

notes from an unintentionally extended weekend

i been one poor correspondent and i been too too hard to find but it doesn’t mean you ain’t been on my mind – ‘Sister Goldenhair’, America dear self, please take the following notes and file them under “Parenthood, week of September 19th-24th, 2007.” 1. it is a Law of Nature that any time you […]

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Wednesday, September 19th, 2007


i used to think that i’d be famous. when i was a kid, i had an almost overwhelming internal sense of profound singularity, of being impelled to star in some exalted and unfolding story that i didn’t really understand but found fascinating just the same. (mind you, i was also enthralled by my barrette collection. […]

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Sunday, September 16th, 2007

in between days

and then, in the midst of a busy weekend in the midst of busy week, at a time of year which smells of schedules and three-ring binders and the promise of untold work to be done, there was an afternoon. outdoors, in the fickle sun. in the open air, crisp and salt from the incoming […]

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Thursday, September 13th, 2007

just a statistic

those of you who live in Canada probably have heard, unless you are currently hibernating under rocks that shelter you from all media input. those of you who don’t live in our fair former dominion may not be surprised by the news even if it is news to you, since we’re all kinda hippies up […]

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Monday, September 10th, 2007

the Decider flees the building

as a lefty-ish, po-mo loving Canadian with an obsessive-compulsive fetish for vocabulary and saying things with just the right emphasis, i don’t encounter too many regular interesections between my self-image and Mr. George W. Bush. continent of origin? yep. species? erm, okay. putting food on my family? i suppose, though i’m working hard to discourage […]

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Saturday, September 8th, 2007

slug weekend

Dave is in England this week. jolly, charming England, with all those trains just waiting to take you to spots you’ve been reading about in literature and history for years. and the cute accents. and Marks & Spencer snacks. i, on the other hand, am in PEI. where the train tracks were all torn up […]

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Tuesday, September 4th, 2007


i don’t like the world we live in, a lot of the time. i don’t like the bitchy, vapid, rampant consumerism that passes for chicklit these days, nor the fact that chicklit isn’t itself an ironic categorization. i don’t like the sanctimonious mommy wars. i don’t like the veneer of cheap celebrity and snarky gossip […]

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Monday, September 3rd, 2007

the ‘hood

my grandfather closed up his cottage this weekend, with the annual labour day cornboil. this means it’s fall now, clear and true as the schoolbells in the air and the smell of woodsmoke curling down the street. fall makes me nest, and reflect. i want to bake and pickle things, and settle into my surroundings…i […]

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